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Indian Navy Ranks in Order – Navy Officers Salary Slip Per Month @ 7th Pay Commission Sub Lieutenant Commander Pay

About Indian Navy

The Indian Navy is the Naval branch of Indian Armed Forces. Indian Navy was framed in 1612 in rule of Chatrapati Shivaji. It was begun with expect to shield the ocean drift from the British. In 1793, the British rulers have taken its control over the eastern piece of India i.e. West bengal. Amid this period, the Indian Navy was named as Indian Royal Navy. In 1950, when it was renamed by the Indian Government i.e. Indian Navy.

Primary Objectives of Indian Navy

The Main Objective of Indian Navy is to anchor all the National Maritime Borders and in join endeavors of other Armed Forces of the Union. It acts to limit the section of exploitative individuals in the ocean fringes and annihilation any outskirt in light of a legitimate concern for India in War and times of Peace.

Indian Navy likewise sorts out different joint Military Exercises between countries to enhance reciprocal relations between countries.


Indian naval force rank salary

The amount Indian Navy Officer Earn Per Month ?

On the off chance that you are thinking to work with Indian Navy , then you should get ready in a decent way for it. So how about we begin with the pay of authorized officers

Pay Structure of a Sub Lieutenant Rank

Sub Lieutenant Rank is the underlying post that another competitor gets after he effectively total the Prescribed Training in Indian Navy Academies.

The Pay Bay band of Sub Lieutenant goes under Pay Band 3 which runs between Rs. 15600 – 39100.

The Grade Pay of Sub Lieutenant is Rs. 5400 every month and MSP (Military Service Pay) i.e. Six thousand rupees for every month.

Subsequent to including every one of the recompenses and installment given to an Indian Navy Lieutenant, he gets a compensation of around Rs. 65,000 every month.

Pay Structure of a Lieutenant Rank Officer

Lieutenant is the rank which is granted to the sub Lieutenant in Indian Navy. In the wake of finishing two long stretches of administration in Indian Navy as sub Lieutenant , a man winds up qualified for the post of Lieutenant.

What's more, following two long stretches of administration as a Lieutenant , the individual end up qualified for the Captain.

Lieutenant appreciates the Pay Band 3 which lies between 25600 to 39100 which is reexamined under the seventh Pay Commission.

The Grade Pay of Lieutenant is 6100 Rs for every month which is 700 more noteworthy than sub Lieutenant.

The MSP (Military Service Pay) is Rs. 6000 every month.